Chase Retail Merchandising

Each quarter, Chase updates its retail merchandising. The initial concepting phase pushes us to be as creative as possible. The goal is always to push ourselves and the design with each new campaign. After initial concepting, the client chose this concept.


With the headline Enjoy the Simple Life, I decided to create a play on the headline suggesting Chase allows the customer time for the simple and relaxing activity of drinking tea. Furthermore, the idea of a father having time to play with his daughter compounded the idea of Chase making life easier.


We wanted the companion posters to reinforce the tea party. Each side picked up the tea concept by showing a tea leaf and a macro shot within the moment.


The photoshoot went great and our talent responded really well to each other. We were able to create a sweet moment between a father and his daughter.


All Chase merchandising pieces were created while working at Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) for its client, JPMorgan Chase Bank.