Chase Small Business Week

For Small Business Week, Chase presented several special offers for small business owners. To promote these offers, Chase asked for an electronic merchandising spot. The final piece is a beautifully smooth animation, however to show the range of artwork, I’ve created the key frame GIFs below.


Using a monochromatic color palette following the Chase brand blue and illustration, I created two options to appeal to small business owners while still feeling appropriate within a branch.

The option above was inspired by a small town main street. The building starts small and then expands representing a company’s growth.


In the second option, the animation was inspired by the copy line “For the many hats you wear.” After creating a list of responsibilities a small business owner has, I drew hats to describe each responsibility. These hats and their illustration style drove the remaining frames’ design.

All Chase e-merch pieces were created while working at
Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) for its client, JPMorgan Chase Bank.