Chase Private Client

Chase Private Client is a brand within the JPMorgan Chase bank. Each Chase Private Client benefits from personalized service and advice. It is a premium and upscale brand, which requires materials that reflect that.


When a customer becomes a Chase Private Client, he or she receives a Welcome Kit with details of program and necessary disclosure documents.

I chose to use textured papers in their gray color palette with touches of the brand blue. Using foil stamping elevated the logo to draw attention and reinforce the value of the brand.


In addition to the Welcome Kit I created a retirement brochure that introduced the Chase Private Client to the investment offerings provided by JPMorgan.


Chase Private Client bankers often present the various credit cards Chase Private Clients have available to them. Instead of keeping them disorganized in a drawer where the cards could be damaged or lost, Chase asked for a credit card carrier that would keep them safe and could be used as a sophisticated presentation tool. One side holds the cards which has additional structure built in to help the piece last, while the other side holds a spiral bound booklet with details and specific benefits about each card.


All Chase Private Client pieces were created while working at
Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) for its client, Chase Private Client.

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