Chase Mobile Banking

The Chase Mobile App was recognized for its ease of use and excellence in mobile banking in 2013. Chase wanted to showcase this achievement through an electronic merchandising spot. Below are the two concepts I created shown in GIFs. The finished spot is a full animation.

For the first concept I created an experience for the viewer and new environment for the message to live. A strong vignette paired with lighting effects reinforced this environment.


The second utilized the current Chase SO YOU CAN campaign style, including the notch and typography treatment. This concept was lighter and a bit more open.


Chase ended up choosing the first concept. This was animated into the final animation. The client was so happy with this design, it was requested to be carried into other projects and lines of business.

All Chase e-merch pieces were created while working at
Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) for its client, JPMorgan Chase Bank.


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